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Welcome to the Delola Life!

Delola Light Margarita

Sparkling cocktail crafted with premium tequila and triple citrus.

Delola Light Margarita is a lower in calorie twist on the classic margarita cocktail.

Delola will set you free – free from cutting, squeezing and mixing.
Simply pour Delola over ice and experience a world-class crafted cocktail.

Delola Light Margarita is ready to enjoy! Just open the bottle, fill glass with ice, pour & enjoy!

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Simply Serve Over Ice

Natural Botanicals

Only 125 Calories Per Serving

12.5% Alc/Vol

Gluten Free

Made with 100% blue weber agave tequila, real fruit juice, natural flavors & natural colors.

Color variation may occur due to natural ingredients.

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